Storage Units Services

When your private home or place of work has become filled with unnecessary objects that only seem to take up space, you should consider using one of our storage units. To provide you with an alternative storage area for your valuables, we offer the convenience of keeping your goods safe while allowing you to take advantage of your entire home or office space.

Our service seeks to be as convenient as possible by providing you with:

  • A safe and quiet setting under 24-hour surveillance. By keeping a close eye on our premises and units, you can rest assured that your goods are safe.
  • Undercover storage and open hardstands. Our stands allow for easy storage, perfect for those who prefer to keep their camper vans or busses away from their driveways.
  • A variety of unit sizes. We can cater to each individual client with the option of either small, large, lockable, or massive warehouse units.

Why Use Our Storage Units

We understand that moving and keeping goods safe can become tedious, so we made storing your valuables a simple and convenient process. Our units in Somerset can also service the Burnie storage unit market with ample external storage space.

Make the best out of your home or office space and store your goods with us.


Secure & Quiet Setting


Easy drive through access


Undercover Storage


Open Hardstand


Large Storage Warehouse


Large Units


Small Units


Lockable Units

Our facility is located in a quiet setting under 24/7 surveillance.

You can access your items anytime between 7am – 5pm.

Our office is open Monday to Friday 9am – 5pm.

To find out more about our facilities and which storage unit would best suit your needs, get in touch.